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May 05, 2009



I feel obligated to contact all of the advertisers listed and offer my support for this guy and I don't really give a shit.
I went to TJ in about 1970 and watched some girl screw a donkey.
It has to be one of the grossest things I have seen in my life short of some injured crime victims.
Anyway, what the fuck, it is Boston, Mass. They elect men that kill women by leaving them in a car, in the water after driving off of a bridge drunk. Do you really think those people really give a shit about Mexicans?

Puget Sound

i didn't care for jay severin before and doubt i'll listen to him now. BUT
it is ironic that they'll give ted kennedy a pass on leaving a woman to die in a car but get angry about some words.

a bunch of ph(J)oanies, ya know!


Didn't Pickles Mc bush kill her high school sweetheart? I don't think she screwed a donkey, so maybe you're on to something.


Yep, they do, chucks.

Puget Sound

ah the difference Coiler was that it was indeed both an Accident AND she didn't hit and run. You know, leave the victim to die at the scene...
Also, she wasn't tanked up on the wa wa juice.

Now Dick Cheney, shooting his friend, and not reporting that for many hours. That was dead wrong also. A real abuse of power.


Yes, VG Cheney was probably drunk at the time. on wa wa juice.

"when the president does it that means that it is not illegal."

Puget Sound

uh coiler, i think that was meant in defense of the nation. not for lesser crimes.

how 'bout you showing a little intellectual honesty here?


ok. Today you're a good American.

Mark C.

The important thing politically is that everybody knows that this guy is a Republican mouthpiece. He is them. Them is him. They're blowing up the chances with the fastest growing constituenty in the voting public. I like the 2-party system, but it doesn't look like the GOP does.


Maybe there never was a time when decency prevailed. I used to think there was. But, maybe we just didn't have the media available to shine a light on the crummy, indecent and corrupt people out there.

There was the KKK; Jew-hating;red-lining; "not in my neighborhood"; Catholic-haters (I went to school with some of them); Indian-haters who committed genocide on a whim.

I guess there have always been people like chucks. They were invisible to a lot of us but they were there.

It's kind of sickening isn't it? The amount of hate, stupidity, ignorance, and indecency in this country. The country that was supposed to be the shining beacon to the rest of the world.

I guess we've always been a fraud.

Well, time to dance around the flag boys and shout your favorite mantras: kill, kill, kill, hate, hate, hate for shit weasels in sandals (and everybody else in the world who isn't a red-white-blue-green American). That about sums it up for these guys.


Joanie; You hit the nail on the head,never heard it said better.


Freedom of speech comes with responsibilities. People such as Severin will never experience racial slurs, profiling in communities or airports or subject to mistaken identity that may lead to arrest and imprisonment without due process. People such as Severin will never have their American identity questioned while blindly obedient to the law because “it is the law.” Such as the red-white-blue world where solutions to problems are of redneck cowboy mentality of shoot first and ask questions later.

Do not give up Joanie as their numbers dwindle. A growing demographics and voting block have abandon many conservative ideals and especially the Republican Party. Hispanics and Asians were large numbers who supported Bush and the Republicans in 2000 who went to Obama and Democrats in 2008. There will always be bigots and the only response to them is to make them insignificant. They will never listen, be in dialog or bother to investigate foundations of problems. The lost hope is on them, not the country.


Thanks roz for the philosophical spanking; now can we hear more about your exciting world travels. I believe joanie is fascinated by your stories, it gives her a Chris Matthews tingle up her leg.


When did roz mention "world travels"?


I get confused with all my names. Sorry.


That's certainly an understatement! LMAO


My ass has been laughed off so often these days. :)


PLEASE try to stay on topic, your wasting this blog's space by blabbering and obsessing about assumed personalities.


I can't help it, I'm suffering from the ravages of syphilis. :( ¬


What did he say that isn't true?

Can anyone name something important or inovative to come out of mexico?

If you don't like him don't listen. Obviously you have no life or you would have better things to do than organize a boycot against something that doesn't affect you unless you let it.


I think literally the most famous things to come out of Mexico are pinata's, and tequilla.

Mexico is worthless, they have vast natural resources, and they are still poor. They are either stupid, lazy, or don't care...

Just because something isn't nice, or pleasant to hear, doesn't mean it isn't true!

bingo farmer

It's Catholicism that's kept Mexico down, and a big fat, corporatized neighbor who has propped up the ruling class for more than a century in order to maintain the status quo of ignorance, and economic squalor.


bingo farmer- we call that NAFTA, or, How To Gut Your Neighbors Economy, and Convince Them It'll Be Good for Them.


Severin is a shooting a bunch of people in the foot. As a reaction in part to this, here comes the veiled attempt of localization of radio stations. It will be cloaked in more minority ownership that will be brought to pass by the White House appointed FCC in June. That will alter the content of talk radio and diminish conservative voices. They have a plan that will be implemented like clockwork, even though it is unconstitutional. Mark my words. The brown shirts are coming.


Michael Smerconish was filling in for Jay yesterday and will do so again today. Supposedly he said on his Philly local show that he'd signed a deal with a Boston station. WTKK's PD Grace Blazer came to 96.9 FM Talk from Smerc's
flagship, WPHT 1210 The Big Talker.

Hmm. (Radio Equalizer calls Smerc
"the phony from Philly", alleging he tried to get a deal from a "liberal syndicator" (Dial Global) and may have buttered them up by endorsing Obama...)

As has been noted, Greater Media came to Jay's defense in 2004. But now his ratings have gone way down and the economy is bad. Are they trying to break their contract with him to shed salary?

Poor Jay

I periodically listened to Jay's program, since he is bold and speaks the truth. However, sometimes the pounding of the same topic would be too much for me, so I would change channel.

For you faint of heart out there, Jay simply tells the truth. However, you don't like to hear it, since it destroys your false, rosy views about Massachusetts and the U.S., both of which have gone way downhill in the past 20 years.

I don't know what a "racist" is exactly. But the term is clearly used as a gag order against concerned citizens voicing their concerns. I personally hope Jay comes back so he can balance out the media, which is otherwise so Liberal, brainwashing and non-informative that listening to media becomes a waste of time and energy.

James K. Davis

Fear, fear, fear. America is becoming brown. It's hard for
some to accept the reality that
America is becoming what it has
always said it is. The truth is
America has been a lie. Poor Jay
encourages the continuation of the lie. The world is aware that
America has been a lie. This is
why we have some of the problems we do around the world. President
Obama is evidence of what the truth is, but the Poor Jay's of this nation want to keep the "lie"
in place. Conservative. Keep as
is. White is right, brown maybe
stick around, black get back. Be
careful America.

Black Apache


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Geoffrey Therritt

It seems you left wing morons lose again Jay is backon the air and more popular than ever. He tellsit like it is without the PC sensibilities you hold dear.

Bob Nelson

Severin got bounced by WTKK in April but re-emerged on Clear Channel's WXKS AM 1200 with a 3 hour afternoon show. Hours after the news broke, WTKK replaced the puffball Doug Meehan with Michael Graham, feeling they needed a political show to go up against Severin (and WRKO's Howie Carr who, who knows, might try to move to TKK when his WRKO contract ends in about a yr)

Tyson Cartier

Thanks for the info. The garbage bins in calgary are always taken care of, at least where I lived. I don't know how or why, but every time I needed my bin cleaned, I would leave it outside empty and someone would come and clean it out. It's so nice to know that people are still good.


Howie Carr is a class act, unlike Severin who is rough around the edges.

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