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January 09, 2009


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And I speculate it's only a matter of time before Jen Andrews [KIRO TBTL Show 07:00 - 10:00 p.m., weekdays] follows in Tina Nole's footsteps. Jen appears to be a very hard-working talent with great imagination and the ability to 'pull-it-all-together' and seems destined for bigger and better things to come.
[I believe that she & Tina are friends.]


Bla'M: would be interested in your opine on KING's reporting of our Seattle P.I's sale and/or demise.


OMG! That voice on the podcast is the same voice that's been calling me once a week to buy flood insurance!

Fascinating, meaty interview, Bla'M! Can't wait until your book comes out of hiding and you are free to discuss it...


Duh-f, are you asking Bla'M if he has any insight into the veracity of the report that Hearst is selling the P-I?


Yes and what he thinks about possibly having it go away. What say ye?


Confirmed and verified...never mind.

Maj. Ricketts

Yeah, get a new tv duffass or is the px saving you a analog one they're getting ready to throw out?


Some of them radio women are hot. Heard Linda on KIRO before and wondered why she wasn't there all the time. She's talented. Off to write on the KUOW wall.


'Yeah, get a new tv duffass or is the px saving you a analog one they're getting ready to throw out?

Posted by: Maj. Ricketts | January 09, 2009 at 01:13 PM'

Thanks joanie/sparkles I agree a total dolt! ANY one who would put their total faith in KING5 News is lacking something UPstairs. Oh Well...we know who that is anyway, don't we. Haha


No, Duff, I don't. Sorry.

Did Linda Thomas write a blog called Educating Mom prior to her work on KIRO?


As I don't joanie. I do watch Jean and K5 but I always wait for verification before I run with anything they say (especially the weather). In this case they were spot on...that's not ALWAYS the case with them, tho.
Sorry, really not familar with Linda Thomas.

Puget Sound

Congrats to Tina Noles. Her outstanding work continues to be recognized both here and in NY.

Lets see, who was it on this blog years aog complaining about Tina and her work as a producer for Dave Ross.

Hmmmm, who was that....Duff, any guess as to who that was?

Oh well, Tina Noles moves on to bigger and better things...Spot on Tina!


That interview was cool except bla'm sounded out of breath. That host was also under the impression that blatherwatch covered nationaly syndicated shows and wasn't aware that the coverage is almost entirely local. I think it would be cool if there was more attention payed to national talkers but I don't think bla'm likes to listen to them. Maybe a second author could help out that can tolerate listening to the robot stations and blog about what's going on their.


Hey, Andrew, I've suggested that myself. I want more Air America Green960 and trash talk about Richard Greene of Clout who is hands down the worst broadcaster in all of media anywhere in the world.

And if Lee Callahan doesn't drop the cute, she's going to be a close second. (not really - she's trying but too hard...)


I like Radical Russ out of Portland



Geez, Bla'M
I sure thought that I was just a guy from the other side of the isle that liked to participate in your blog. Didn't think of my self as a troll or hi-jacker.
(I am not talking with you joanie so shuddup).
Did I have to listen for 39 minutes to get smacked?


Dr. Mortimer J.Snerd-Steensma,the brilliant psychiatrist and author of From Jerry MIathers to Marshall Mathers in 2 Generations is holding a seminar in Seattle this weekend at a major university. It's called Why We Hate Dori- A Psychological Explanation of Dori Monson Loathing Syndrome (DOMOLS).


Joanie, I Googled Linda. Yes she is or was Educating Mom.

Puget Sound

hijacked by right wing trolls?


Thanks, NoBS. I occasionally posted to that blog.

If anyone missed Moyers tonight, they missed a compelling program.

And Obama's press conference today reinvigorates my hope. He was articulate, humorous and smart. God, it's been such a long, long time.


Michael, I just listened.

Scott McClelland admitted that the White House gave Rush his talking points.

John McCain began to rely on talk radio because he was desperate.

Ron Reagan played a sound bite of Rush lying through his teeth about a WSJ article this evening. It was a good show and you can hear the podcast on green 960.

You didn't tell them that Mike blogged on BW. You should have. The victim of an ax murder...that's sounds funny because it sounds like a bad screenplay. But it was true!

Ripley's believe it or not.

I'm commenting as I listen, you know.

Mort Kondracke - regular "liberal"-(not really) on McLaughlin Group. I used to ike him but he got too rich or something.

Randi says Rush's numbers are only good because he competes against himself. Clear Channel covers the red states and Rush is on several stations at once. Big choice, huh?

I love you. Keep writing!

Back to Hannibal.

G'night, trolls.


Oh, and to the crybaby who thinks Air America is a step up from CBS...get real. Wonder if she's producing Richard Greene. Oh god. I wouldn't wish that even on Tina Noles.

Puget Sound

"Oh, and to the crybaby who thinks Air America is a step up from CBS...get real. Wonder if she's producing Richard Greene. Oh god. I wouldn't wish that even on Tina Noles.

Posted by: joanie | January 10, 2009 at 12:42 AM"

"Oh god. I wouldn't wish that even on Tina Noles."

Lets see, still ticked cause years ago Tina Noles wouldn't take your inane programming suggestions. Too funny.
Oh well, obviously Noles moves on to bigger and better things working in the industry whilst you're still on the wrong side of the radio. What was that suggestion you kept pestering her with all the time.
One can imagine poor Tina Noles having to listen to your crap on the phone while she sent a note on the call in screen:
'Dave, it's that strange lady AGAIN. She insists on talking to you privately and is angry at me AGAIN for not putting her through.'

yep, rofl....

Puget Sound

"Coleman will never ever [again] serve in the Senate. He lost the election. He can stall things, but he’ll never serve in the Senate. ~~ Harry Reid

What if Norm Coleman prevails in Court or in six years is duly elected to the Senate?

Oh well, I recall Harry Reid saying that Burris would never serve in the Senate...how'd that workout?




You know, Sparks...feminine "whilst" or "whilsting" away one's time...


I haven't seen Kondracke for some time on The McLaughlin Group, Joans, though he used to be a regular. Are you thinking of Mort Zuckerman?

Puget Sound


Posted by: sparky | January 10, 2009 at 09:05 AM"

lmao. nice pick. i think it's in the official old dude book but i'll have to check with chucks or nevets as i loaned my copy out a few months ago to one of my fellow trolls.

actually, i picked it up off of this blog awhile ago but -whatever you do- don't go getting that word banned. i am running out of vocabulary...


the only person I know who uses "whilst" is an elderly English gentleman who smells of tobacco and sour milk and has really really bad teeth.

Puget Sound

wow, you really need to get some new friends.

i'm just saying...


Noted author, speaker, and founder of a now-defunct chain of dime stores A Birch Steen has come out regarding climate change and the recent flooding in Western Washington. You are not going to like what he says. More on this later.

Joelle Nole

It's NOLE, not "NOLES" -- I know because it's my last name too.


Who are you gonna_blow?
Sorry GB, I could not help myself. Whilst trolling about this fine blog, thinking about hijacking it and taking it in some unknown direction, I spotted your post and posted the foolishness I thought.


Get your grammar straight pal. That's "whom are you gonna_blow."


It is rare that I would stand by my grammar. Having attended publik skools in both Seattle and Los Angeles, it is possible that I may not have learned all that I should have.
In this case, I stand by my grammar.


Why does that not surprise me? Like George W. Bush, you "stand by" your abject failure, as you try to drag the rest of us over the cliff along with you. How many of these wretched floods must we endure before we get serious about global warming?

There will be no further reply from me. As you may know a google search is the equivalent of boiling a cup of tea, and I for one will not post something that might be searched.


Maybe I should have added a comma.
"Who are you, gonna_blow?" If I were interested in you sex life, your way would be correct.


Nope, either way, it should have been 'whom.' I am sure that one of the teachers will confirm that you, much like Bush, Cheney, and Palin, Rossi, Halliburton, and Sharkansky, are wrong.


We will just have to wait for the teachers. Not a one of them is shy about telling me when I am wrong.


Whom are you? hahahahahahaha

Chucks, I knew what you meant, and your grammar was correct. The form given with "who" is safe, and even beyond reproach since "who" is the subject. "Whom" is a subject complement, as it would be in "Who am I?" or "I am who?" It is not an object complement.

And, chucks, you were thinking the same thing I was thinking.

Puget Sound

if you start blowing dudes i'm thinking that consideration of 'whom' as a subject complement is the least of your uber hetero manly man worries.

time to take your wife on another roadtrip to Vegas. surely your WAMU money hasn't run out yet!!


Thanks Sparky. I will take any small victory I can get for now.
Not to worry Putz. No protein slurpees for this old guy.
By the way, the WAMU money is gone. It is back in the IRA where it belongs. I had to put it there or pay huge tax penalty's.
My Smith-Blarney guy put it where it belongs and told me he would kick my ass if I ever did a hair brained gamble like that again.
Says I got lucky.
Duh, no shite.


This is typical right-wing homophobia to sublimate guilt over contributions to global warming.


Well, chucks, you only have to be lucky like that once. No wonder the world is so simple for you.


Oh No! Not Again, and our new POTUS hasn't even been sworn in yet. Toto - what the hell is going on???


Approved by Hockey Moms

Old But Not Expired

Yes You Can!


Haha...funny stuff, sparks and 'almost' equally balanced.


'We're gonna be trying new approaches...cause quite frankly the old one's haven't been working...'
I think that's pretty much close to a quote of the lovely and gracious Mrs Clingon today in her grilling before Congress. What a 'novel' idea...to actually act based on true communication and facts instead of emotion and 'cowboyism'. I wouldn't be surprised if we accomplish some historic gains in the State Dept folks. Don't it make you proud!


..sorry, obviously s/be 'Clinton'

Puget Sound

good stuff sparky, can't believe you didn't link to the picture of W as a chimp.
oh well, sarah and mccain are a nice go-to but they won't be sworn in on the 20th...but hey, if you got some of that 'Twig Palin' truther crap go ahead and throw that up on the wall.

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