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February 20, 2008


Catlin Capital

Does Sean Hannity have a college degree?



resume inflation...isn't that de rigueur in the glamour industries?

At least his creativity aspires to excellence...

Gay Gary

The real question is --- how can it be this easy to check on someone's educational credentials in this day in age? With all the concern about privacy etc.? (Now I don't mind people checking on my degree status, as long as they're not able to find out what my undergrad grades were! I went to school at The Citadel so you can understand if I was a little distracted for most of those four years! LOL!)


Maybe he is David Hasselhoff, he looks like he modeled his makeover after him. If he is caught on tape eating a hamburger on the floor then it's all over.

mark wygard

I don't trust Sean Hannity, he's not a reporter, anyway, he's a commentator. With the revelation that Dan has such a friendly relationship with the Seattle mayor, and now that he appears to have lied for years about his resume, what else has he exaggerated when he needs a story, or wants to protect one of the politicians he may have a cozy relationship with?



This hideously altered freak of nature HAS to make himself look better somehow. Padding the resume and gratis plastic surgery don't make the guy any brighter, do they?


Shhhh, Gary
'member, don't ask, don't tell. I'm sure some moron in gummint will come and get you. Shhhhh, it's for your own protection.
Don't know how, but could tell you didn't go to Evergreen.

Gay Gary

>Don't know how,
>but could tell you
>didn't go to Evergreen.

LOL!!! ;)


some moron in gummint

Like your wife...

I have no sense of humor, chucks. Your intolerance for all things gummint (except, of course, your paycheck) sucks.


If I managed KIRO, and someone was applying to be an entry-level news reporter, or whatever DR hired on as, right after they had just graduated from Harvard, I would think there was something wrong with them.


C'mon DT, use some imagination.

That's why they call these glamour jobs. Lots of people want to be in entertainment and start low. Very common.


Ok, I confess...i watched the episode of Extreme makeover when he was on it...Dave Ross told me to.
It was a frightening show....they redo all your teeth, give you lasik surgery on your eyes, give a mini-toupee for the front for the balding guys, dye jobs and boob jobs for the women, and then they make them exercise with a trainer from hell for three months. They dress 'em up and parade them around for family and friends who are relieved that their loved one is now acceptably beautiful/handsome.


Then let's tie it all together. A man who change his looks through radical plastic surgery because he's insecure about his looks will certainly make whatever changes he needs to make to his resume if he's insecure about his qualifications.


much too frivolous...who cares what he does about his looks. You wear a rug, DT? I'd like some lasik surgery on my eyes...

Is that when you put the eyelids back up? Or eliminate bags? :)


An eye-lid lift is blepharoplasty.


That wasn't my point. I don't care what he does about his looks, and I wasn't criticizing his decision. I was saying if he's willing to do one thing, then it's easy to see him doing the other. But whatever. This topic bores me. But if he did lie on his resume, considering the trustworthiness his profession rests on, I think he should be punished or fired. What else does he lie about?


Didn't Olympia pass a law making resume-padding a class C felony? I guess that a Seattle journalist would be exempted anyway.


lasik - is that where you lose the glasses?


Do any of you ever call up talk hosts and get on the air? If so, who have you called? Do you remember the subject?


Jesus, who cares?

I do think he actually looks better in his "before" picture--like an actual human being, not a plastic freak.


Yep, lasik surgery is done in a variety of ways, all meant to reshape the eyeball so you are no longer nearsighted. Not good for people with astigmatism, as there are complications down the road.


I've called Ross and Jaco but both calls were a long time ago and both were about going into Iraq. I knew before we went it was a fool's errand. So did Jaco. Can't remember Ross' take on it.

Also, called Webb a couple of times and Goldy twice. Once went well, talking about satire with the Jesus blog guy, and once went badly when Kucinich was on. Yes, if you guys remember it, that was me. Goldy got defensive and refused to let me talk.

Normally, I don't call because you have to wait online for what seems like hours. God, especially with Webb! I emailed Webb a lot.

Ah, called Erin once. Can't remember why.

You ever called?


I called Dori once, when he was talking about that crazy "runaway bride". I asked him if I could say "She must be a good lay" on-air and he laughed and said, "You just did."


Dan Restione looks Chinese now.


I've never really had a strong desire to call in. I prefer just to listen, either to be educated or entertained. I have called in a few times. A long time ago to Chris Bretcher. More recently to a now defunct comedy show. Sometimes I'll message or email. But yeah, I'm just a fan of listening.


I IM a lot! I get just as intense listening and I want to call but I hate waiting online and half the time they don't get to you anyway.

Very few people who call actually get on.

Oh, I called Jeffers once - that was funny. I can't remember the topic but he let me get a few words out then took over and kept on going...and I heard "click." As irritated as I was, it was funny at the same time.


I don't think KIRO has an IM anymore. I tried to IM Dave Ross and all I could find was email to libby. I emailed because I don't mind if they know who I am . . . IM's are easier though.


I used to IM and email a lot more than I do now. I wanted to email Dori today and tell him that the creator of his beloved Simpson's show was a graduate of The Evergreen State College, which he was bashing but I didn't. Tom Douglas is was pretty good about reading IM's on the air. So was Goldy's producer. The old Robin and Maynard show was fun to email.

Gay Gary

"Do any of you ever call up talk hosts and get on the air? If so, who have you called? Do you remember the subject?"

I called Mike Siegel's show once when he was on KING-AM and I was in junior high school, the topic was about protesters occupying the state capitol building during Gulf War I. I don't recall what I had to say.

I called Larry Elder's show on KABC-AM once in LA about 3-4 years ago, I was railing about sky-high crime in the UK and how it was a result of their restrictive gun control. Anyone who knows me knows I'm pro-gun and armed to the teeth.

I almost called for a third time this week, to Dave Ross' show, when he was talking to the dude who was against psychiatric medication. I'm against drugs of all types, even prescription ones, so it always irritates me when Dave goes into his "he should be on meds" solution to every local crazy who goes on a stabbing spree on Capitol Hill.

However, my third time for real may be next month to Coast to Coast AM because I want to find out what JC says to Tom Danheiser when he's on hold before he gets on the air. There's half of a conversation the world is missing! Maybe if Bryan Suits is still reading this blog he can save me 3 hours by asking George during the KFI tease. I won't hold my breath, though! (BTW - did everyone see George Noory is going to be hosting a benefit dinner this month in Seattle? I don't know what it's benefiting but Oculus Bleu and I have already bought our spots! Though I think Big Bo Bop, our asthmatic Saluki, would rather go than OB ... he lovvves George. Everytime C2C is on he gets quiet and lays down in front of the radio.)


Hood, you've gone over the line. Making up shit about Jayne and Gregg was one thing, but to go after a desk editor is another. I certainly hope Bonneville brings the total weight of its legal department on top of this blog. Are you going to offer investigative reports on ND Ursula Reoutin? Tim Haeck? Tony Minor? Why stop at college degrees? Why don't you pay to access on-line information to look up criminal records, driving infractions, citations, restraing orders, bad credit reports, police reports, lawsuits on all the KIRO staff?

You are total scum, Hood. Lower than scum, even.


Hood, you've gone over the line. Making up shit about Jayne and Gregg was one thing, but to go after a desk editor is another. I certainly hope Bonneville brings the total weight of its legal department on top of this blog. Are you going to offer investigative reports on ND Ursula Reoutin? Tim Haeck? Tony Minor? Why stop at college degrees? Why don't you pay to access on-line information to look up criminal records, driving infractions, citations, restraing orders, bad credit reports, police reports, lawsuits on all the KIRO staff?

You are total scum, Hood. Lower than scum, even.


Does oculus bleu bark or meow?


Uh-oh! Time for the big gossip episode on Project Runway! G'night.


Folks, we have a genuine pervert's private sex orgy club right down here fairly near the 008 headquarters on the ass end of Queen Anne Hil. I've passed this place for years -a sinister looking, windowless cement block building with cryptic black letters abve the door and various creeps going in and out. Tonight i passed a strange Asian woman and a white man furtively strolling past me on the sidewalk, obviously on the way to the building a few yards away. That did it! Tonight i googled in the letters along with the word Seattle and there it was! shamelessly proclaiming itself in front of God and man! They had there schedule laid out for all to see - Thursday of next week featured something along the lines of "blowjob night-couples only", so on and so forth. A true degenerate's paradise! I've emailed Bill O'Reilly about the situation.


I don't know if Restione has a college degree or not but I can remember listening to the Lou Pate Show many moons ago and Restione & Lou would banter sometimes and every time Lou would comment on Restione's 'Harvard degree' Restione always seemed to want to avoid the topic and change subjects?
However, we will give him the benefit of the doubt won't we...much as we are giving the benefit of the doubt to B Ward?
And, to be fair many times radio personalities actually change their 'on-air' names so that could be the reason Harvard has no record?


College degrees are overrated. There are too many vocations which will employ a person on account of their degree only to have a them perform tasks that apply to a tiny percentage of what they learned in college. Of course the medical profession and some other technically intense careers don't count, but do you need liberal arts credits to sell houses? What about on the job training? Isn't it enough that a person does a satisfactory job in the eyes of their supervisors for years on end? So a person might not be able to answer trivia questions on Jeopardy, bfd.

I understand a college degree is largely used to help sort a stack of potential job applicants, and that it says nothing about the qualities of character that will make a person successful in any job, such as motivation, initiative or analytical skills.

The fact that Dan Restione is still gainfully employed up to this point, and that nobody would know that Harvard had never heard of him until they had to ask proves my point.




I care. He's not a bus boy. He's not dishwasher. He's a news producer and reporter. We rely on him for honest, accurate news. IF he lied about going to Harvard, what else is he lying about? Does he make up quotes? Does he lie in his news reports when it suits his purpose? So it DOES matter if he lied about going to Harvard.


With Jeffers gone, there's nothing worth listening to on Sunday am. Yes, he talked a mile a minute and was OT on politics a lot. But KIRO made a dumb decision to dump him, IMO.

Maureen McMahan Moore

Media has no reputation to lose. They are morally destitute, especially talk radio whose practitioners most of the time pretends to be morally superior. The New York Times today shows that. Hood got his facts straight, apparently. the guy cheated. I would be fired under such circumstances. Doesn't hurt anything to have it exposed. The man lives a public life in a position of trust in a profession that claims to seek the truth.


DT, you're so full of shit. You don't rely on Dan Restione, of all people, for news. That Jayson Blair and Judith Miller got away with reporting fabrications for as long as they did should dispell the idea that you can rely on the media for facts, let alone any single person. You're a one trick contrarian, a cliche and a parody of yourself.


It's not libel if it's true. Restione posted on KIRO's web site that he went to Harvard. He told the Seattle P-I the same. Harvard has never heard of him.

Second, the issue is not whether or not he needs a degree to do the job. The issue is that he lied. The news media may not be what it used to, but we still rely on it to tell the truth. The media had a field day with Jane Hague's faked resume during her re-election campaign. Why is it not news that a manager at a major news outlet faked his resume?

He may not have the public profile of Gregg or Jane, but as a manager he directs news coverage. If he lied about his education to get ahead, what has he lied about on the air to have a good story?

KIRO has a serious ethical problem on its hands.


LDS Church or no, Bonneville is no better than any other media corporation. They'll let this slide just because it was Blatherwatch who exposed it. Media gets pissed off when the microscope is turned on them.


Let's face it. Radio (and TV) news are just entertainment for the lowest common denominator by "news" people who are slave to ratings and worry as much about their eyelids and chin fat as their stories. This is the station that brings you TBTL and the "Astrology of Dating." Don't expect a news department with integrity. We are long past that.


Marty; a KIRO news manager is not an elected official holding a public office.

The argument "if he lied on his resume, what else does he lie about?" is disingenuous. Everybody lies to varying degrees and for varying reasons. You seem upset by this whole ordeal; it follows that you must get upset often, it follows that you must beat your partner. You heard it here first.

Any time you hear something reported on that seems suspect it's your obligation to cross check with multiple news sources, and to make sure they cite their sources and that multiple sources are used, otherwise the joke is on you. If you don't have the time then simply don't assume the story is factual, assume it's alleged. It's thinking like yours that got us into War In Iraq episode 2.


Andrew, if you hired a financial planner, but then later you found out he lied about attending a certain college, would you fire him?


Yes, but Dan Restione isn't my financial planner. Do you have any more stupid hypotheticals?


DT what in the holy hell are you talking about? None of your examples are even remotely close and are fallacious on their face.

You need to be comparing this to somebody else in news/journalism who has lied about their accomplishments. Were they disciplined?

Man if you believe that every news person needs to be pure as the driven snow you sure are naive. Do you watch Fox or something?


Andrew earlier said "Hey dude, everyone lies. It ain't no big deal. So KIRO shouldn't fire him for doing something everyone does." So, I wanted to see if Andrew was consistent. I wanted to see if it would be a big deal to him if he found out his financial planner had lied about his qualifications. Are they two different professions? Yes. But I think in both cases it's very important that you have someone who is very honest. Like I said earlier, if it's a dishwasher or something, so what? But this guy is a newsman. If he is a pathological liar, I want to know about it, and I want him fired.


Media hates scrutiny of itself. (I know, I'm in it) I can imagine Dan Restione sitting at his editor's desk self-righteously editing a piece about Jane Hague's resume inflation. It is hypocrisy. The public rejects it and considers media lower than politician. Sometimes they earn that distinction. This is one of those times.

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