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November 17, 2007



BM, another yawner post. You're too predictable. I challenge you to break out of the rut that you're in and put some thought into your posts.


It is not Biblical, but Intelligent Design is an improvemnet on the Evolution THEORY taught as FACT in our schools. Michael is right that there should be at a mention to our kids that not everyone agrees with the atheist evolution.


Will Mike Medved be leaving the radio???


The idea that God kick started the Universe, then got out of the way and allowed the evolutionary process of Natural Selection to take over, seems like a plausible possibility totally consistent with Science.


yes, but God isn't plausible. And even plausible isn't science.
If there's real peer-reviewed science (as there is with global warming btw) behind this hokey secular theory, bring it on. Otherwise keep your bible stories in sunday school.


Hell no Medved won't leave the radio. He will just be another figure head for the phony think tank. He's an entertainer, remember, and what the DI does, as Bl'am says,is PR.


What happened after the Big Bang is a scientific question. What happened before the Big Bang is a theological question. Science and Religion are compatible if they respect each other's boundaries.




Thia has as much merit as any DI nonsense.


Why is it that Whacked out EXTREME conservatives think that Evolution is an atheistic theory? I believe in God and also believe in Evolution.. According to MedVed on his show, the percentage of Atheists in the country is around 7% That would make 93% of the American Population believers.. ARE you telling me that only 7% of the population has Complete Control over The FORCED teaching of evolution in public Schools.. Give me Break.. More people in the CENTER accept them both..


Intelligent Design is nothing more than thinly veiled Creationism. Perhaps, we should teach it in school, right along with the tooth fairy and Santa Claus.


Atheism is purported to be around 7% because most atheists have pc jobs and pc friends and would never out themselves.

Trust me on this. :)


Medved is a windbag, and a pure media hog who will do anything to say "Look at me!!" His endorsements of dubious ideas, films,"experts" etc. is mind boggling, continuous and repeated. He is a sad case, and offers bogus intellectualism on the airwaves.


I heard that the Discovery Institute's "Pseudo Scientists" are actually members of Sun Myung Moons LOOnifaction church and a select few members are personally chosen by the Megalomaniac to get degrees and PHD's at accreditied universities whose SOLE purpose is to Debunk Evolution and secualr thought!! Does anyone know if this is true?


Medved-Discovery Institute are a perfect match.

Janet Morrow

"Medved is a windbag, and a pure media hog who will do anything to say "Look at me!!" His endorsements of dubious ideas, films,"experts" etc. is mind boggling, continuous and repeated. He is a sad case, and offers bogus intellectualism on the airwaves."

That's a perfect description of Dori Monson; I wonder when he'll be joining the Institute. I'm sure he'll yell the news to us (for a fee, of course) when it happens



The belief that some cosmic Jewish Zombie can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.

We should teach this in science?!?!

Its almost the year 2008 and people still buy into this fucking shit?!?!

Only complete fucking idiots are Christians. Wake the fuck up you retards. Its not real, DUH!


God forgive him; he knows not of what he speaks!


If you listen to fundamentalist Christians, many of them have an image that Jesus was an American and a white male to boot and God is a capitalist and a free marketer as well! I was surprised at how many people forgot or did not know that he was a practicing Jew, if he ever existed at all!

As far as in developed countries, only in America, twisted superstitions and ancient fairy tales continue to sustain and flourish! It is sad that America has the potential to be number one in many things including science and technology but cling to superstitious beliefs and the concept of a superior being overpowering all.

A devout Christian told me that God is the greatest design engineer that ever was and “evolution” was a theoretical process used to create humans and the earth! If that does not parallel intelligent design thinking promoted by the Discovery Institute, then I do not know what is. I am thankful that there are judges who have the courage to stand up against this form religious colonialism. I can imagine the finals in any intelligent design class. The essay answer would be “creation of life is so complicated that it had to be designed and produced by a superior being!” Bingo! You get an A.

Medved is fitting to join the Discovery Institute. Maybe he will do something where he can have credibility and be genuine for a change. Medved’s movie reviews are more often than not based on morals and virtues instead of techniques or story lines. He gave Kirk Cameron’s initial “Left Behind” movie high ratings and predicted it was going to be a box office success in a broadcast in 2001. Only one religious zealot would endorse another. The movie, I had no desire to see, and the book was a stinker!

Why would I read “Left Behind?” A believer gave the book to me, and I had the patience to read it. I should have the patience to read any book since I read the bible cover to cover twice! Each time I read the bible, it only enforced my conviction that there is no such thing as a God, in Judeo-Christian concept, and followers select what they want to hear and believe to justify their intolerance, bigotry, and abhorrence. Very similar to what Bin Laden and Zawahiri did with the Koran to push their twisted ideology based on religion.

As for teaching “intelligent design” in any public educational institution, that I oppose based on the constitution and America is not monocultural country. Akin to religion, intelligent design should stay and be taught in the home of the believer. Evolution is a scientific theory that is more realistic, unlike intelligent design, which is based on religious beliefs disguising itself as science. If you want it taught in schools to your children, then teach it in your home.


All we can do is pray for you my son and hope that some day you see the error in your judgement. Peace!



Praying doesn't work.

Show me one scientific study that shows otherwise.

You are a fucking idiot. Go blow your Buybull out your ass.


Thanks John; I forgive you for that. I will continue to pray for ye of little faith. :)


Can you show me any evidence that praying works? Maybe some of the dumb fucks at the Jackoff Institute could do some research on that. I bet they'd have a lot easier time getting their cult teachings into the science classes if they could show some scientific evidence that praying works.

If its works as well as they claim it does, they shouldn't have a hard time proving it with science.


Clash of the Deceased Titans:
Madalyn Murray O'Hair (American Atheists)
Walter Martin (Christian Research Institute)


Only pathetically needy people continue to lean on superstition and mythology. Reading doffo's posts proves that beyond any doubt.

Instead of looking for anything specific and concrete, he simple has "faith" that Mrs. Clinton is the one. One what, I haven't a clue. But, the one nevertheless.

I think it is pretty well proven that Jesus did exist . . . I recall that scholars have actually tracked his journey and wasn't he very influenced by Buddhism?

Not a scholar myself; but, over the years, seems like I've read that.

I do consider him to have been a good man. Much like Dennis Kucinich today. :)



Pray all you want, but make sure the board is removed from your eye before you worry about mine.


John, above, writes:
"Its almost the year 2008 and people still buy into this fucking shit?! Only complete fucking idiots are Christians. Wake the fuck up you retards. Its not real, DUH!"

So according to John:

JRR Tolkien
CS Lewis
Blaise Pascal
Rene Descartes
Isaac Newton
Pres. Jimmy Carter
Pres. Bill Clinton
Pres. Al Gore
Mother Theresa
Martin Luther King

...were, or are, all "retards and complete fucking idiots."

Which begs the question, since John is superior than all these examples... what has he achieved in his life? Anything close to the above? Or anything at all?

I asked the same question of an anti-black racist: how do your accomplishments compare to Colin Powell, MLK, Ron Sims, Norm Rice, Michael Jordan, etc etc etc? It shut him right up.

I may not share the above list's beliefs, but there is no justification for any form of bigotry... John is a bigot. I am stunned that no one else has called him on it.


Well said BHC.


Well, BHC, its not that the rest of us didn't notice. It's just that at least once each day, this kind of thing is posted. What usually happens is that someone will point it out, and then a pissing contest starts and the thread is hijacked by various anonymous posters who enjoy saying stuff they know will get a rise out of those here who can't let a comment go by without responding to it. Every time.

Your comparative list is very good and your point is well made.


...she would know! :)


Nobody can prove God exists. Nobody can prove God does not exist. If you believe in God; no proof is needed. If you do not believe in God; no proof is possible.

...I have spoken.


I can't stand Medved on a regular day. But somehow I've always gotten a lot out of the history lectures he gives on national holidays (I listened on Thanksgiving and thought he was really interesting... so did my liberal Catholic in-laws). For some reason he decides to drop the usual Republican apologetics and cheerleading and actually provide some real intellectual stimulation.

I don't understand how someone who is capable of producing radio of this quality can condescend to eek out his Mercer Island standard of living continuing that inane scapegoating of "liberals" the rest of the time.

Has anyone else noticed the same thing? I'll confess I'm not much of a history student, and any presentation of history that keeps me engaged, I'm thankful for.


If you like history, then you would love Thom Hartmann on am1090 9-12 daily.

Neal Anderthal

Duffman -

You'll pray for me? Fine. I'll THINK for you. Just don't pray in my schools, and I won't think in your church. Is that a deal?

And another thing I just thought of: what if you spend your whole life being the best Christian you possibly can - and when you die Allah sends you to HIS hell for your refusal to be a Muslim? Turn and see the light before it's too late, brother!


"So according to John:

JRR Tolkien
CS Lewis
Blaise Pascal
Rene Descartes
Isaac Newton
Pres. Jimmy Carter
Pres. Bill Clinton
Pres. Al Gore
Mother Theresa
Martin Luther King

...were, or are, all "retards and complete fucking idiots."

I'm not convinced most of these people weren't or aren't just gaming the gullible.

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