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August 16, 2007



bugger them - coupla fat selfish assholes.


My favorite quote from the comments section:

"This country used to have a higher standard for public officials than 'he hasn't been charged with a crime'."

Typically, Rush reported only half the story. You would think he would want his audience to know that management slapped the reporters down.


My mother just can't comprehend why KR hasn't been jailed; she is absolutely convinced that he is a criminal. When I suggested that may be his ploy is to resurface in yet another's campaign she was beside herself. I took her BP and suggested she lay down for a while. :o)


Hurray for Dave Boardman.


Rove ain't goin nowhere. Satan does not just resign from Hell. If you do an Intellius.com search on Rove, you get precious little info. 'Rove' is an unusual name, almost like it's made up. The letters form an acronym for 'Ruler of Virtually Everything.'

Little Me

Two people clap and say hooray. So Rush says "everybody stood up and started cheering."
What a moron.




”Rove ain't goin nowhere. Satan does not just resign from Hell. If you do an Intellius.com search on Rove, you get precious little info. 'Rove' is an unusual name, almost like it's made up. The letters form an acronym for 'Ruler of Virtually Everything.'”

sounds like we got an art bell fan. i'm guessing you think that 'rove' is probably a time traveler.


I am listening to Dave's podcasts for today. Really good show on vets with Patty Murray followed by calls from people with ptsd and other war maladies.

I noticed on the KIRO schedule that Vinnie may be gone but not sports talk. That role has been given to Mike Brown. I like Mike Brown but I thought they were eliminating sports talk - not just Vinnie. Sorry, Vinnie. Guess they didn't take to your New York thing.


it's friday. where's the bleeding "odd'ems"? I can't very well ignore work without it, dammit.


Typical right wing politics. Slam the 'liberal media' for a sensational GOTCHA story but fail to refute any of their actual reporting.

If there is actual bias then let it be called out. I never and I mean NEVER hear right wing pundits call out specific examples of left wing media bias. It is always a 'touchy feely' assertion of bias without empirical data to back it up.

Great there are some liberals working for the Seattle Times. So what? Call out their reporting if you like but there really isn't any fire to go with this smoke. I mean seriously, right wingers will say this crap and with the same breath say that Fox News employees may be conservative but their news is "fair and balanced." Pot meet kettle.


Joanie...Sportstalk will be going away at the end of the month according to the KIRO shirts. 14 years was a pretty long run for the "New York Thing" you must admit. They have David Locke doing the Seahawks Huddle and word is that they are oh so close to losing the Seahawks.

Sounds like the Salt Lake City mafia so far is just as bad as the gang out of Philly when it comes to losing sports franchises.


cpp3 haven't heard from you in a while; nice to see you back. :o)


delusions of grandeur: John Edwards actually thinking he's on a par with JFK or Bill Clinton.

Edwards, party of two...your plane is ready..Buh-By!


Listening to the Morman "it's about family" commercials for their church is almost as asinine and annoying as listenig to Frank Shiers talk about his four year old daughter.


sorry, Mormon, not Mormon. Unlike 90 % of the populace under 40 nowadays,(I'm not under 40), I really do know how to spell.


Tom Leykis and Rush both play to lower middle/middle class dumbbells and simpletons, as their prime demographic.


Two of a kind indeed: whore's for attention.


did the northwest finally bounce tom 'yeah, i bounced my 4th wife off of the fireplace' leykiss to the curb? if you want to read about what a jerk this dude is, go to www.smokinggun.com
how anyone could enjoy that show is way beyond my puny brain.


Thanks Shpankboy - what does that mean?

I agree, Vinnie lasted longer than I thought he would. I remember him on KJR and honestly didn't like him much. But, I think he's got a good heart and wish him the best. He probably made some good investments on that good radio pay and he can always sing for his supper. He's got a great voice.

Don't listen to Seahawk stuff. When did Locke start that gig? Does that mean he's no longer with KJR? I used to be a regular listener. He's got a great sports mind.


tommy: your demograchics are all wrong. You have been drinking to much of that Kool Aide again. People that listen to Rush have a higher incomes. Its the idots on the left how are to simpletons listen to Dave Ross and Air Amerca.


mdjohngolf wrote:
"Its the idots on the left how are to simpletons listen to Dave Ross and Air Amerca."



Hey mdjohn, I hope you're not writing prescriptions for anybody. . .


Hi sparky are your the lap dog for the loony left.


I are.


I ran across this quote this morning regarding Karl Rove:

Let's see, mother committed suicide, father was gay and when he died, they got him in the ground before anyone knew about it and could ask questions, worked on the Nixon campaign as a Young Republican..... and the Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings, who, when asked why she didn't go out on a date with him when they were younger back in Texas blurted out, "Have you ever MET Karl Rove?!!" This guy's subconscious must be like a phychological petri dish.

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