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July 15, 2007



The body language from Mike Malloy was interesting! Mike sat with his back sort of turned away from Ed, and his legs were crossed in such a way to make him turn away even more. I wondered why they put those two together since they are polar opposites in philosophy.
I was disappointed that Ed and Cenk dominated the conversation. Stephanie was hilarious and I wish she could have talked more.

Bla'M, you should send that fabulous picture of her to her on email so they can post it on her blog. That picture pretty much captures her personality!

Thanks for an excellent wrap up. The part about the Middle East must have taken place when our stream feeds froze...when it came back on, the auditorium was empty...very weird.


do tell US about your penis, sometime, Michael


I was at the meeting last night- I couldn't always catch the little remarks Stepanie made that gave everybody laughs, but I liked Ed more last night than I ever have. I don't listen to him regualrly but he clearly can speak to a kind of person that the others do not, and that is the the Reagan Democrats.


I watched Bla'M chase Stephanie all the way to the street, ...shameless flummery!


Yes, I agree. Thanks for the wrap up!

I listen to Malloy. Lately he's been over the top. Almost rabid. Frankly, it is a little embarrassing. I like passion but not, well, almost pandering in an extremist way to a crazy far left group. Not me. A few times lately I've turned him off.

And, because of you, Michael, I've looked at Big Ed in a little different light. He does speak to a very large segment of our party. One that's certainly further right than me but one we want to keep. And I like the fact that he is plain-spoken. He seems to be very comfortable with himself. Can't diss that.

Stephanie always the entertainer. Cenk? Even on the Young Turks, Cenk is the passionate talker. I don't like it when one or two people seem to take over; but, I've al;ways found Cenk interesting. Especially since he's a former Republican.

Not much from Ben? Did Hartmann mostly moderate or did he co

Oh, BTW, I've read several times recently that Edwards is doing well. Sort of moving from the back of the pack in a quiet but consistent way. He is the only one really focusing on our domestic problems and poverty. A couple of weeks ago, I heard that Edwards was actually leading in Iowa. I would be very happy with a smart guy like Edwards in the oval office.


Sorry. Supposed to read:

Did Hartmann mostly moderate or did he contribute to the discussion as well?


He only made a few comments, joanie, I dont know if he prefers that or has inherited the job of moderator.

Ben Mankowitz barely said anything.


"Meet the Press with Jim Webb and Lindsay Graham"

Just watched it online. About a third to a half of the way through the show Webb finally takes on Graham and shows Graham to be the smarmy politician he is. A good watch when the fireworks start. Graham just can't shut up and Webb finally gets in his face good.


Better source: "Webb Rips Graham As ‘Politician Trying To Put His Political Views Into The Mouths Of Soldiers" (Think Progress)


Big Ed is a realist, Malloy, while entertaining, is not.


stalkers, and dreamers--we need both.


It is also on Crooks and Liars, Joanie.


Actually, I thought Hartmann did his fair share of commentary, but he lost steam in the end, using the same metaphors he used in his other appearances here...still appropriate but becoming hackneyed. It was Hartmann (I think) who made the socialized medicine analogies...we have working single-payer healthcare systems in the Veterans Administration and Medicare. "Socialized medicine" is here and functioning well. We must call it what it is, and not allow Republican talking points (e.g. "socialized medicine is un-Amererican anathema")to be used in the agenda of the left.


Two more interesting links: "Pier 1 Imports Expands Recall of Glassware Pieces" This one is from June 7, 2007, and I do purchase glassware from time to time from Pier One. I hadn't heard of this. Of course, the glassware was made in China. It breaks easily. I will stop buying anything that says "made in Chine." At least, to the best of my ability.

And, regarding our own esteemed Jim McDermott who tries to use reason and information to persuade: "McDermott alters tone on war"


Was it Thom that said we have socialized Police and Fire services? They are paid by taxes and they will help you no matter what your economic situation....

Radicalized Old Lady

Because of the research I and some of my friends have done on Hillary, AIPEC, and the favoritism of the US toward Israel which has meant demonizing and harming many mideasterners who have no beef with us, I did appreciate Malloy's reminding us of our history, and I felt Schultz was almost racist in his be afraid Terrorism rant. I could see that Cenk, a muslim, was shaken by it. It isn't only the middle east that has lost respect for us however, it's also Europeans who resent being endangered needlessly by our careless, bullying foreign policy. Cenk was a hero in his brilliant explanation that it is not one Religion he hates, it is any Fundamentalist form of religion, be it Christian, Jewish or Muslim. That about said it all about what America should be about. Bush has set us against each other with religion and has made enemies around the world because of religion, completely dissing the principle of separation of Church and State.


Right on, Radicalized Old Lady, Shultz is a racist pig, a fascist running dog, and the tool of the corporations he works for. Time for a final solution for Israel. Once they are out of there, the Arabs will stop listening to the Fundamentalists and join us in solidarity. We should help the Arabs rid the middle east of the Israeli colonial state.


So, is what you proposing anything close to what Hitler proposed? The final solution? Genocide?
You army, sound like a real piece of shit.


C'mon chucks. "Favoritism" is a far cry from genocide. That's the problem with you guys on the right. Exaggerated emotionalism.

We do need a fair and just policy for both the Jews and the others in the region. They can hate each other, tolerate each other or love each other. Should matter not at all to us. We should show respect to all. Isn't that what we're about?


Did I misunderstand something in army's post?
"time for a final solution for Israel" "We should help the Arabs rid the middle east of the Israeli colonial state"
I guess I could be wrong, but it sounds rather Hitleresque to me.


I see where you're coming from . . . did you check out the links I posted on the richest Americans? On the Linnik link?


Why yes I did. I am still pondering, however I have nothing against rich people. About the 20th of many months I wish I were one of them.
It does seem to me that a lot of good has been done by many in the past with their wealth. The people who earned it sharing without filtering it through inept govment programs.
Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet are sharing now in what may be the biggest charity in history. With those minds managing the foundation, I suspect a lot of good and maybe greatness will come of it.
It is certain IMHO that if that money were in the hands of politicians, it would be squandered away pandering to one group or another.


It seems what characterized the gilded age was the disparity between rich and poor - I don't know if there was a middle class. Do you?

So, you think a new gilded age would be just fine. Hmm. Well, it seems you are getting your wish. As Hartmann articulated, we are losing the middle class.

You apparently still belong to it as do I. Wouldn't you like you grandkids to be part of a thriving middle class, too? Or do you think there will always be a middle class no matter what?

I have said for quite some time that I see most of us becoming servants (doctors, shopkeepers, middle management) and beggars (hourly workers whatever the industry). I can't predict which will be what - for instance, I don't know if teachers will become servants or beggars; but I see a future where the new gilded age will produce that kind of economy in this country.

If that sounds harsh, I would say you think much like my mother did. She went to her grave uttering "things can't go up much more!" She was unable to learn from the past. Fortunately, I think I have some vision and know that what happened before can certainly happen again. What's to stop it?

You are comfortable and seem to think that what you did will always work - meaning work hard. I don't see it that way. Not at all. A lot of people are working hard but they are not reaping the rewards the way you and I did.

Well, let's drink to the rich and look forward to the libraries and opera halls they will - hopefully - construct. And let's hope, too, they are all as philanthropic as Gates. They could become Trumps and Allens, you know.

BTW, you don't like social security or medicare? Government programs that don't work? Wonder how all the people who got screwed out of their retirement packages by the airline industries feel about your judgment.


I know that I am one of those evil conservatives who can not put his full faith in government. But, hopefully that does not imply that I am heartless.
Social Security was a good idea. Unfortunately, the politicians of both sides have squandered that away. As we have discussed before, there is no money in Social Security. Not any. The Einsteins in guvment spent it. What is taken out of our checks today goes to mom and dad next month.
As for the middle class, we have a vibrant middle class. We buy new cars, RV's, TV's, fancy phones. We go out to dinner, eat lunch at McDonald's, go to movies, buy jewelry, live in nice homes with heat and fresh water. We send our kids to universities and summer camp. We buy big weddings for our daughters. We hire landscapers, housekeepers. We pay people to pick up our trash. We drink wine and bottled water. We go on vacations all over the nation, maybe even the world.
We have DVD players, CD players, sun glasses. The list goes on forever.
Many of us do not have all of it, but most of us have a lot of it.
The middle class is growing so quickly that we have to import labor from Mexico and points south to handle the load.
This is a great nation with a great middle class. Many poor folks can rise up to the middle and some of us in the middle today can rise to the top.


Well, I'm not an economist and neither are you. But, I have read several articles that show ways to save social security. Removing it from the general fund would be a start. BTW, where's the twelve billion dollars a month for the Iraq coming from? I think you are rather deficient in the creative thinking department. But, iif you want to believe social security will stop tomorrow, then I'll hope that the Iraq war will stop tomorrow for lack of funds as well.

Yes, we do have a middle class - thriving? Hmm. Don't know about that. Maybe. Polls seem to suggest that people are having more difficulty keeping up as time progresses . . . but, it's not you, so not to worry. I have heard numbers that support the notion that home equity is paying the way for a lot of our spendiing. And, of course, avoiding expensive medical emergencies will certainly help those of us who have ours keep it. And we do, don't we chucks? Thank you unions. So, the rest will have to fend for themselves.

The middle class is growing so quickly... Prove please. Or is this another ass-umption?

Many poor folks can rise up to the middle ... Prove please. A lot of people have moved because of liberal policies since FDR. Does that guarantee it will continue in the current Republican paradigm?

A lot of people made it in Washington thanks to Microsoft. Wish I'd been one. I would like to know if this is just "chuck's take" or if you have something sound on which you base your beliefs.

I am curious. I would imagine that "some of us" will always be able to rise to the top. Is that enough for you? If our middle class is declining as Hartmann says, you don't mind seeing your grandkids in a lower class position as long as "some of us" can rise to the top?

You heard what he said just like I did. Do you think he doesn't know what he is talking about? Are these articles comparing our current situation with the "gilded age" just wrong?


I am neither an economist nor professor. I sell RV's for a living. Not got rich yet, but I will keep that option open.
My business is a bell ringer business. When the economy goes bad, my is the first to feel it. The first thing to go is the toys.
Business is pretty good these last few years. The last down turn was 2001.
Again, I am no economist. I only have life experience on which to base my opinions. But for every bozo elitist know it all expert, there is another bozo elitist know it all expert with the opposite view. Just like lawyers. On any given day, half of them win, half of them loose.
The biggest thing that I have seen is the huge improvements in credit quality. Silly sounding perhaps, but when times are good for the middle class, they pay their bills on time. People are paying on time more than I have seen in thirty years of doing this. Folks are also saving money. Not near what we should, but at least people are putting some money away. more so than I saw just five years ago.
The middle class is prospering. Not everybody, I am sure. Overall though, things are good.
By the way, I do not think that SS will stop tomorrow. But it can not carry itself the way it is being managed right now or has been managed for the last 40 years.
We boomers are going to bleed it, our kids and grandkids dry first.
You are 100% right about separating it from the general fund. That would be a good first step.
Disprove that the poor can rise up. All it takes is an education, hard work and a break or two, combined with self control. You know, no drugs, no babies, no crime.


Well, I'll never diss hard work. A few lucky breaks, as you said, are usually important as well. Can't hold it against the few who honestly don't get those lucky breaks. That's where government has a role. That safety net.

Bills paid on time - yes, I do think that is a good sign. Won't disagree that you are in a good position to take the pulse of the economy.

Could your business be reflecting the increase in retiring boomers who are selling homes and retiring to RVs? That might give you a skewed perspective. Just a thought.

I hope all goes well. I can't see it myself. But, you might be right and Hartman might be wrong. I know I liked the way things were working in the fifties and sixties - seemed like there were opportunities for everyone from the college grad to the high school kid who wanted to fix cars or work in Detroit assembling cars. Without a manufacturing base, I just don't have a lot of confidence.


Did you hear the one about the emailer (me) who emailed Frank about his misunderstanding of perjury? Old Frank, who thinks he's a legal eagle because Dad was a lawyer,started off attacking me as a "loser in mom's basement" cranking off emails to his betters and worrying about whether to wash his hair or not. He immediately made an arrogant, contemptuous dismissal of my claim that perjury has to be a lie about something material to the case, not just "lyng under oath", as he claimed. Then when probably the lawyers in his audience atarted confirming me with emails, he quickly changed tack, basically conceding the point without being man enough to admit he was mistaken on the air. Who's the adult kid in mom's basement now Frank? Little snotnosed adult kids are the types who can't apologise or admit their mistakes. hahahaahahahaahaa go to Hell Frank.


Why is it after reading all the comments....
And after humming along with John Lennon's song Imagine, that most of the conflicts afflicting mankind are because of RELIGION AND POLITICS.


I was at the forum Saturday night.
I went to last year's show when
Rachel Maddow was the moderator.
Though I really like Thom Hartmann, he let Schultz and Malloy dominate way TOO much. It was NOT Ben but Cenk.....
WHO DID NOT GET AS MUCH speaking time as Malloy and Schultz. Miller and Cenk were odd person's out. Ben M held his own when it came to talking, I feel he spoke a very close third right behind Schultz and Malloy. Do you think Tom felt pressure to let Schultz yak on because of his ratings? And because Malloy was brought back? Tom is fantastic but I rather have someone who isn't so polite to break in and let Schultz and Malloy know that he wants to move on to other panel members. It was sooooooooooo hot in that damn hall that night, but well worth the tickee....and yes, I was one of the polite clappers for Bill Richardson.....


I listened to much of the show last night and I was pretty pleased at how well they seemed to share the talking. I wonder if on-line listening is different than seeing it? Less aware of distractions.

Also, I think Big Ed made some interesting comments. I have a little more respect for him that before. He's got some good old common sense goin' there. And it was apparent the audience liked him.

Interesting to hear which pres candidates the audience responded to . . . nice response for Kucinich. Everybody seems to like and agree with Kucinich but nobody thinks he can win.

Well, I don't either but I don't know why. We're the ones with the problem. He's better than we are.


Ok J...my comments were based on what little I heard because of my STUPID CONNECTION!!
I didnt hear Ben say much of all, but you were there so I trust ya!...It went "blooey" at the end and by the time I got back online, the stage was empty,.,...

Sean Parker

.....Why does everyone think that Kucinich can't win? We're the voters, aren't we?


We vote but we're not "the voters".


Ron Sims picks who wins 'round these parts.


Dennis self-destructed last time. He just couldn't keep up the momentum. And, Americans were yet sick enough of Bush. Too many Americans were like chucks . . . still full of hate and emotion.

Now that the Bush overkill is hatching some unintended consequences and people are finally sick of the lying, Kucinich's ethics, values and common sense look a little better. He actually might have a chance this year. But, I think Edwards might out-nice and out-strategize him.

Chucks, ever considered going on the stage? You're such a funny guy. Ha ha.


Kucinich is a shrimp and too goofed out with the New Age woo-woo to win anything but a yoga death match. A guy has to win some other states besides Berkeley.


We need more people like Sims so middle aged white dudes will feel 'offended'.


I like you, Coiler. :)

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