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October 17, 2006



Here's hoping that this time AA will hire jocks & programers with real life radio experience. You can't just drag Al Frankin types out of the woodwork. You need hosts who understand radio and its audience. For instance, much as many hate him, Limbaugh spent years earning his oats on radio. He knew his audience. During his earlier years, Rush, argree with him or not, was quite humorous. C'mon you guys, Grob-asms, Animal Rights Updates, Timber Updates, Feminist Updates......they were funny. Okay, so most of you didn't agree with Rush's viewpoints. Even so, he presented them with humor. That attracts an audience.

To succeed, Air America must do the same. Radio is after all mostly entertainment. Present your viewpoints with a certain amount of levity. (Dave Ross is the KING in doing that.) If, however, liberal hosts find themselves unable to lighten up themselves, even make fun of themselves, then their efforts to win large numbers will stumble.

It won't do them any good to call those who disagree "nazis, Neo-cons, Hitler, or fascist". That drives listeners away. Also, avoid taking conspiracy theories seriously. Anyone trying to convince an audience is going to lose them right away with all that silly talk. Perhpas you yourself believe it. So what. If that is your approach, you will fail. Also, stop it with all the big oil and Halleburton crap. No one outside of you own group takes any of that seriously.

What to do. Stop being afraid to call yourself liberals. Stand up for what you believe. Take a stand. Tell the nation your solutions. Don't tell them how Bush has failed. How the republican party is corrupt. Tell the listeners what your solutions are. Put them out there for scrutiny. If you can't dedend them without name calling then you really don't stand for anything.

But it is going to be hard for so-called progressive talk radio. After all how many want to be told that they aren't paying enough taxes? How they have to give more control of their lives to big government so that the poor can be helped, the forests saved etc etc.

Okay, I've present a few ideas on how Air America or it's successor can survive. What are your thoughts. And c'mon people, lets have a serious discussion without the name calling, calling others hypocrites, or demeaning the opinions of others.


Ryder, I have some questions that popped into my mind while I read your post:

"If you can't defend them without name calling then you really don't stand for anything."

Do you consider that a good rule for Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity?

I agree that name calling is bad, but I think accountability on both sides is needed.

Who are you referring to when you say "stop being afraid to call yourself a liberal?"

If Liberals present alternatives as to what they would do, and the media wont cover it, what would you suggest be their next step?

Which Air America personalities called Bush a Nazi? ( I think Janeane Garafalo did once, but I wondered who else you heard do that?) I have heard numerous references to people who lived in Europe during WWII and they were referring to how the movement got started and how it seems to feel that way to them again.

Do you REALLY think Dave Ross is the King of Comedy on radio??

I think if Malloy and Zogby can become a true syndicator then they will be quite successful. I hope that is what AA decides to do, instead of going around the country taking over low bandwidth AM stations--sell the product, not the delivery system.


Thanks, Sparky. As I was reading Ryder's post, I kept wondering who he was listening to on the liberal side.

Ryder, I think you are repeating the line you must hear from your conservative hosts because I don't have a clue who you are referring to.

Malloy fits your description truthfully. But I can't think of another who does.

Sure you are not projecting here just a bit?

Also, AA is not out . . . they are down but still around. You should have listened to Al's commentary. It is just about his show, but you might find some interesting facts therein.


Little bit more . . . the neocons call themselves that. Didn't you know?

The fascist term I hear most on this board is from KS who uses Islamofascist constantly.

C'mon you guys, Grob-asms, Animal Rights Updates, Timber Updates, Feminist Updates......they were funny. Okay, so most of you didn't agree with Rush's viewpoints. Even so, he presented them with humor. That attracts an audience.

To succeed, Air America must do the same

Has it occurred to you that liberals are not into mocking issues? That we believe in animal rights, habitat restoration, and social issues? Perhaps we should find levity in the Iraq War? Perhaps we should mock the maimed and disturbed soldiers coming home? The only issue I can think of that we can mock is the tax issue because that seems to be the only important issue on the right. And the blogs sure are having a field day with Blethen regarding his support of the "gift-tax-on-the-very-rich-newly-dead." But, it's hard to be funny on one issue over and over.

Also, Franken uses levity. You may not like him but then, I don't like Rush. So there you are.

If you scorn everthing, it is easy to mock it. If you try to improve and makes things better, pretty hard to mock it. Your levity comes across to those of us on the left as mockery. That's not funny . . . in fact, some of us think it is sick.

Janet S

Ryder is trying to point out that AA needs to lighten up a bit, and all the comments back are NO! Life isn't funny!

Radio is entertainment. The host needs to give the passer-through a reason to pause and listen. I've tried listening to AA, but I switched over to other stations for many of the reasons that Ryder describes.

I like listening to opposing points of view. The hosts on AA don't offer it. They demonize Republicans, they don't respect that there is a valid difference of opinion. Dave Ross survives because he gives air time to those who disagree with him, and points out where he thinks they are wrong.

Guess what - when I listen to Carlson and Schram, I often find myself agreeing with Schram. His points are clear and cogent, and he has a wry sense of humor. They are fun to listen to.


It is a myth that AAmerica hosts dont present or listen to opposite points of view...Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, the Young Turks, Ed Shultz, Robert Kennedy jr.,Rachel Maddow, Randi Rhodes...they all take calls and/or have guests who have differing opinions. It might not be the opinion you favor, but they are out there.
Thom Hartmann has a guest on the first thing every morning who is way on the right, and they have a good and respectful debate. If you like Dave, you might just LOVE Thom.

Um, Joanie...there is a LOT of mocking on Air America!! That is what Al and Stephanie do and its why I like them ;-) IF you dont poke fun at it all, it gets wayyyyyy too depressing!


Would you be listening to Schram if he weren't with Carlson? Just think what you're missing. Perhaps you should listen to liberals more often, Janet.

(I'm laughing right now! I always thought, Janet, that you were an educated woman, Now I find out that you don't know the difference between mockery and derision and levity and true wit.)

I agree there is some. I used Mike Malloy as an example. Stephanie is probably the best at it. Which is why I don't take her seriously at all. She is pure entertainment.

I don't agree that Al does it much at all. And it seems to me that most of the contempuous humor you are praising is mostly directed at Republican corruption - a corruption that I find contemptible. Do you find animal rights issues, feminism, and habitat restoration-old growth issues so funny? These are not jokes . . . they are issues to be considered. Turning them into jokes denigrates them. And that is what these hosts are doing. Maybe you, like Ryder find denigrating these issues funny. I don't.

Of course, Ryder doesn't find Haliburton corruption and Bush bashing funny. Gee, I wonder why?


ok that is very true, joanie...I wasnt specific enough was I...you are right, I dont find those issues funny and yes, it is the corruption, etc, they are poking fun at.

I have been up since 4:40 am and I just got home from work about an hour ago...zzzzzz a 16 hour day tends to wear me out.

Janet S

Gosh, Joanie, thanks for correcting me. That's what I find so irritating about liberal and progressive commentators - they are so damn condescending.

Stop taking yourself so seriously.


Thank you, Janet. I consider it a compliment. Guess I made you think.

Other Steve

Joanie, quit profiling people


Rush Limbaugh has had at least 12 years to spew hate and demonic tantrums towards liberals, progressives, democrats. He equates liberals as being so far left that we should be called Commies....For the last 10 years many on the left have believed what Limbaugh and other conservatives have said, "that we are unpatriotic, weak on terrorism, against the Patriot Act, we are Godless, and lead permissive life styles".
When you have Shawn Hannity, Medved, O'Reilly, Bortz, and OMG, Anne the Man cursing anything and everything that liberals say and stand for, plus add Faux News and Faux radio, how can you keep normal, smart, compassionate people from not believing what they are hearing, reading and seeing.

For instance, October 25 is rightwing radio bull at the White House. Bush invited them, (those named above) a while back and asked them to continue to be his cheerleaders for his neocon stands.....they have complied above and beyond. Now on the 25th, Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Rielly, Medved and so on will have access to all the Repugnican administration officials. A big neoconservate pep rally.Why arent progressive radio hosts invited? Is this what the People's White House is being used for and our tax dollars... to spew more hate and vile about Liberals, Dems and progressives?
Which brings me to AA. Hopefully they( the new Saviors of AA) will be able to reach more people, but not model AA after the rightwing hate mongers, infact Shawn Hannity was touting that AA was no more, broke, bankrupted with such glee and maybe some relief....His ratings in Seattle arent to good and he mentioned that Seattle along with LA that North Korea wanted to bomb us first. Nice Shawn.

Liberals fought for independence
232 years ago. Not conservatives, but liberals. Liberals threw George the III and his army back across the pond. Those liberals took a stand, today's liberals need to do the same by listening to progressive radio, requesting more representation on TV and major news magazines.

If AA can survive and be prosperous and out number rightwing radio shows without the name calling, hate spewing, repeatitive "we are bad dogma", and stick to the REAL AMERICAN ISSUES, AA will rise even bigger,

Janet S

Joanie - it is like listening to fingernails running down a chalkboard.


Thanks, Janet. I enjoy your levity. And you say we don't have a sense of humor. Aw, shucks. :)



prismatic, so prismatic

Take a stand. Tell the nation your solutions. Don't tell them how Bush has failed.

In very many cases, what liberals would tout as "solutions"--or at least necessary first steps toward a solution--amounts to going back to doing things the way they were being done before 43 started screwing them up. In that context, describing the president's failures is entirely germane.

If you bring a unhousebroken puppy into our jointly leased apartment and it shits all over the living room carpet, yeah, we're going to need to talk about how to clean up the floor... but you'd also better not count on me keeping my mouth shut about how you need to get that puppy out of the room till it knows how to behave indoors. Because who needs more shitpiles to clean up, on top of the first one?




Other Steve

Hey Pris,
I see three solutions to your problem
1. Let them stay and hope the shit stops
2. Move out
3. Kick them out and pay twice as much.

prismatic, so prismatic

So I suppose getting the miscreant to take responsibility for managing the situation with the puppy better isn't a possibility?

My analogy is flawed, however, so maybe that's why your option set is limited. We're also living with 300 million other people in the apartment, many of whom need to be convinced about:

*** the fact that there is shit on the carpet (the housemate put something over it, e.g. pictures of gay men getting married)

*** the fact that there's shit on the carpet in another room--you know, the room where those kids are fighting the war live, or where live the nurses who are worried about being redefined as supervisors and the likely melting of their union, or whomever else isn't visible from the shiny pristine front room

*** the fact that the puppy is going down the street and shitting all over someone else's carpet

...and such like. Because the rest of us who already noticed are getting tired of these situations, and if the errant roommate can't get the puppy taken care of, then you bet I'm going to bitch and complain about him and his frigging puppy.


PS. With any hope, your solution #3 will begin 7 November... but given the destructive vigor of the puppy and the quantity of the shit, I feel assured that after the errant roommate is kicked out, yes, I will indeed paying twice as much, at the very least.

Such hath the puppy wrought.

Of course, lots of innocents in Iraq already paid a lot more, but that's a flaw in my analogy as well.


excellent analogy!

( You have met my dog Jasper, I see!)


Aren't liberals just so much better at nailing it? I enjoyed reading your post, pris! (I hope you are a liberal . . . )

Other Steve

Well Pris, That was 3 more options than you had before today. But then again maybe you like standing in shit.

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